If Adverts In Magazines Behaved Like Google Adwords Campaigns

I did a ten minute talk today to my buddies at Networx Wirral about how to run an adwords campaign and thought it might make for an interesting post.

To illustrate why a well optimised Google Adwords Campaign can be such an effective way to market your business I described an imaginary scenario where an advert in a printed magazine behaves the same way as a well optimised campaign. Here are 6 ways a printed advert would behave if is behaved like an Adwords Campaign.

  1. Almost everyone reading the magazine would be in the market place for your product or service. For instance, if you are a plumber in Liverpool, then everyone reading this magazine happens to need a plumber in Liverpool.
  2. Not only would the people in the magazine be in the market place but they are actually taking time out of their to actively look through the magazine for someone providing the services you offer.
  3. Instead of a fixed cost you would only pay each time some reads your advert in the magazine. If they skip past you advert you don’t pay anything.
  4. The price you pay when someone looks at your advert is always a very fair price. So if you are selling birthday cards you may pay pennies if you are selling laptop computers you may pay £5 per “reader”.
  5. Your advert is actually a little bit psychic. It has an idea of what people are looking for so instead of just “plumber Liverpool” it will know that they are thinking “cheap plumber Liverpool”, “gas safe plumber Liverpool”, “out of hours plumber Liverpool”…
  6. The advert isn’t just psychic, each time someone looks at it, it actually changes itself to match what the person is looking for. Always putting your best foot food e.g. emphasis on being gas safe. The advert can even make itself invisible so you aren’t paying for people looking for cheap or for vacancies

(see part 2)

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