About Mike

My name is Mike Hayden, I am an internet Marketing Specialist. I previously worked within Marketing for five years for a large law firm. The legal industry is a professional service market and this is where I gained the majority of my experience. I then set up Measured Marketing and have been providing internet marketing services to a range of companies for almost 10 years.

I chose the name Measured Marketing to emphasise how important it is to measure and quantify the results of all work I undertake for clients. This is important so that I can show clients the value my service has provided. It is also important as part of an ongoing learning process, for me and the client. Allowing us to continually improve the return on investment the client is getting.

Learning is a process which should never end, especially not in a fast changing industry like internet marketing. This is an industry where small tweaks / updates in the way search engines decide to rank pages can result in businesses closing or businesses being inundated with work.