Updates, Updates, Updates

Sometimes during meetings people will say to me “hasn’t SEO all changed now since update x” or “it doesn’t work any more does it?”. They get this impression from various sources. Including the never ending spam emails from companies in lands far away offering SEO services. Sometimes they offer “penguin compliant SEO Services”…

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Keyword Research For SEO – Part 4

Now you have a list that gives you a rough idea of what people search for. By comparing the different terms you get any idea of the users intent. They all include the term “Liverpool” so it is likely they are looking to procure a service. If they just wanted…

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Keyword Research For SEO – Part 3

The Keyword Planner also made more suggestions some of which are relevant such as “accountants in liverpool”. To filter out a lot of the irrelevant results I could paste my list from my initial spreadsheet to do with accountants in to where it says “keywords to include”. This will take…

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