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Looking for a PPC Wirral Agency? We are Measured Marketing. Get a great return on your PPC investment. We will work with you to create and manage a high performing Google Ads campaign. A campaign that consistently brings in brilliant new business opportunities for you.

With our help you could be getting more business, cost effectively and quicker. PPC can make it easier to grow your business and increase your profits.

We are currently running many successful PPC campaigns for businesses throughout Wirral, Liverpool and the UK. Some of our campaigns have been continually improved for over a decade. So we know what a super successful campaign looks like.

PPC Wirral - Google Partner Accreditation

Pay Per Click Wirral - Ruler Partner

Call Mike to discuss your marketing. 

PPC Agency for Wirral, Liverpool, Chester & Surrounding Areas

Mike will be your dedicated point of contact. Reporting on everything we are doing and keeping you updated monthly on performance and improvements. We are a Google Ads PPC Wirral Agency based near on the Wirral, right by the Liverpool Tunnel, capable of servicing clients in and around the Chester area.

A regular flow of enquiries can lead to bigger, better and more profitable clients for you.

We are an experienced Agency providing paid search management for over 12 years, currently managing campaign budgets of up to £80,000 per month and from as little as £200 per month. Past and present clients generate millions as a result of the work we have done for them.

PPC Wirral Client Feedback


Over the last year, Mike has been able to greatly enhance my Google AdWords campaign and his constructive input has exceeded my expectations.
Mike is reliable, quick to communicate and provides useful advice on campaign improvements. I would, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending his services.

– Michael Woolfe, Chartered Surveyor

“Mike has been providing me with Adwords for over 5 years. We frequently have to pause the campaign as it brings in more work than my department can handle. For every thousand pound of Google spend I get enough calls to produce seven thousand pound in work.

– Neil Gouldson, Employment Law Solicitor

“…We spend tens of thousands of pounds each and every month advertising online. Over the years we have tried various marketing companies. Some very well known large corporations. Without exception they lose enthusiasm very quickly. And instead settle into a routine of collecting large monthly management fees for little or no input.

We then approached Mike. instead of simply increasing our number of clicks, he makes sure that every penny we spend is used wisely. Our campaigns are now more focused on conversions and the cost of acquisition. – Jackie Verdier, Gap Insurance 123

Mike has made a huge difference to my business. I was a little sceptical about the results that could be achieved. But am now in month 4 and things just keeping getting better.
Thank you Mike.”
– Maria Moore, Motoring Solicitor


“Prior to using Mike we were with another agency. We weren’t generating any noticeable amount of business and there was no system in place for tracking what we were getting back.
Mike came highly recommend and was able to quickly point out lots of problems with our existing campaign. He was able to provide us with an alternative ready made and complete campaign as he has lots of experience in our industry. Using the same budget as before we have generated over 40 family law enquiries every month. Mike’s assistance is continuing to help us grow the business and go from strength to strength”
– Kirsten Bennett, Lund Bennett Solicitors

Advantages Of Pay Per Click Marketing Wirral

Google Ads runs on a Pay Per Click model. You only pay when your advert is clicked on, leading to a visit to your website.

Choosing the right keywords means your ad will only appear when someone is searching for your services. So these clicks are from people actively searching for your services. And the price you pay per click is dictated by what your competitors are willing to pay. So it is always a fair price set by the market.

Your campaign can be tailored to your location such as Wirral, Liverpool, or the whole of the UK. Campaigns can also be used to target certain devices (mobile, desktop, tablet), and certain times of day. And it can be targeted based on age and gender. This allows you to target your most profitable potential customers.

PPC campaigns continue to get better over time as we accumulate data on what is leading to enquiries. This data is used to optimise your campaign. We also test using different wording and emphasising different benefits on your website and in the ads to see what gets the best results.

We Are A Google Partner

Our Google Partner status means:

  • we manage enough Google Ads accounts to be considered for partner status
  • our campaigns are high enough quality
  • we have passed our Google Partner exams

PPC Management Wirral

Good PPC management involves a well set up campaign, covering all the keywords related to your industry. Higher bids are set on good quality keywords and lower bids on average keywords. All poor keywords that aren’t relevant added as Negative Keywords. This results in a clear and filtered campaign that targets enquiries which are relevant to your business and connects you with clients looking for your services.

Google Ads PPC works on a bidding system. For example if you are a plumber in Liverpool then a good keyword would be “gas safe plumber Liverpool”. A poor keyword that you may place a low bid on might be “blocked toilet” if the searcher is in Liverpool. And a negative keyword would be “plumber vacancies Liverpool”. Typically you would just add “vacancies” as a negative keyword so you don’t show for any variations either like “plumber vacancies in Liverpool”.

This bidding strategy means you will show up high for the good term and get a higher percentage of the clicks. Typically you will show lower down for the mediocre term but the clicks will be cheap. And with the right negatives you wont appear at all for people searching for things that aren’t relevant. Like plumber vacancies, tools, courses, how to videos, qualifications, news stories…

Once the campaign is live we make a lot of changes early on to get the campaign performing well. Then we report back each month on the performance of the campaign and on what changes have been made. We continue to make changes as the campaign gathers more data.

Less changes will be made once the campaign is performing at a very higher level. As we have to spend more time looking at the data to find improvements.