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Measured Marketing are a pay-per-click marketing agency in the Liverpool area.

We’ll help your PPC campaign convert clicks into clients.

Our team are PPC specialists, working on pay-per-click campaigns for twenty years.

We have a dynamic, data-driven approach to our marketing: we’re always optimising and learning how to get the most out of your campaigns.

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Pay Per Click Liverpool

PPC Marketing offers a range of campaigns that can be individually targeted to your products or services. Whether you’re a Liverpool service provider or retailer looking to expand online, PPC marketing has a campaign that’s right for you.

Search Campaigns

Measured Marketing have been working on Google Ads (forming Adwords) campaigns for two decades. Google Ads offers a vital digital marketing tool, giving you the ability to advertise your products and services to people searching directly for them. To be competitive in Google’s auction process, you need a campaign that is relevant and engaging.

All of our ads campaigns are designed by a process we’ve honed over thousands of satisfied clients. From initial research to copy and budgeting, we’ll direct you step-by-step to set up a Google Ads campaign that stands above your competition and gets you at the top of search result pages.

Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping is a great way to show off your products to potential customers. Unlike other Google Ads campaigns, which are text-based, Shopping campaigns use an image of your product along with some key information.

We’ll take care of all the details and make sure your shopping campaign is set up correctly, so you can focus on selling your products. By synching your site with Google Merchant Center and handling the technical details, we’ll get your products in front of shoppers when they’re ready to buy.

What Our PPC Campaigns Do For You:

  • Free initial consultation and keyword research, helping you identify where and how to advertise for your PPC campaign.
  • Expert advice from veteran marketers with a wealth of experience to draw on.
  • Industry-leading rates offering you competitive campaigns at low costs.
  • Free landing page set-up for a cohesive and honed message, with ongoing optimisation worth hundreds.
  • Custom scripting for shopping and e-commerce campaigns, to keep your campaign running smoothly and optimally.

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Measured Marketing has helped thousands of clients, with budgets ranging from £500 – £100,000, get the most out of their marketing. No matter the size or scale of your campaign, there’s always ways to improve and save you time and money.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing For Your Business

  1. Pay-per-click marketing is a cost-effective way of tapping into a market of interested customers. Through PPC, you can bid directly on the keywords and search terms which are relevant to you and your business, giving you efficient and targeted marketing with a wide reach.
  2. An effective PPC campaign is designed to turn clicks into customers: providing you not just with the means to find those looking for your service, but also engage and convert them through well-written and dynamic advertising.
  3. All PPC marketing is incredibly trackable. From the moment your campaign starts, you’ll have access to a wealth of data concerning its performance, from individual keywords and ads to where and how it is appearing on search results pages.
  4. A skilled marketer can use this data to optimise and perfect your campaign to maximise its potential and your return on investment. We provide you with monthly reports that break this data down and allow you to see the progress your campaign is making.
  5. PPC campaigns also have a wide variety of targeting options for you to specialise your marketing: you can optimise your targeting to particular demographics, such as age, gender, and location. Our search campaigns let you tap into the basic data Google keeps on all its active users, allowing your Liverpool PPC campaign to flourish locally and nationally.
  6. Above all, PPC budgeting is flexible. You decide how much you want to spend on your campaign, and we’ll make it work for you. You can optimise everything from what you spend on particular keywords down to modifying your bids to target particular devices.

PPC Company Liverpool

Working with a Liverpool PPC agency like Measured Marketing gives you access to a team of experienced professionals who can help you get the most out of your campaigns. We’ll work with you to create targeted ad campaigns that are designed to generate the maximum return on investment.

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