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Looking for a top-notch PPC services company? Welcome to Measured Marketing! We’ve specialized in PPC paid advertising for over 15 years, offering a wide range of pay-per-click services to various industries. Our goal? High conversion rates and even higher ROI.

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PPC Management Services

We’re a Google Ads partner and a Ruler silver partner, giving us access to the best industry tools. As Google partners, we meet the highest platform standards and Google quality scores. Our Ruler partnership offers specialist call tracking services, proving our commitment to proper conversion tracking and optimizing your Ads data.

As a small local agency, we offer unbeatable service and price. Our flexible paid search service caters to a diverse range of clients.

Here are some campaigns we’ve run:

Many clients benefit from our successful PPC campaigns. We tailor our services to meet your needs and help you scale.

Pay Per Click Management Services – The Measured Marketing Way

We deliver high-quality service at competitive rates. All our PPC marketers are Google and Microsoft Ads certified. Your campaign is managed by experts across all leading PPC platforms. Our dedicated pre-campaign research, setup, and long-term management identify what works best for your business. We’re transparent and communicative, offering insights and recommendations. Once we start, you’ll see a boost in performance and ROI.

Free PPC Audit from an Expert PPC Services Company

Our marketers are highly qualified and data-driven. Our free PPC audits pinpoint areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations. There are no hidden fees or obligations.

Why Get Pay Per Click Management Services?

PPC advertising is a powerful tool for driving traffic and building brand awareness. Managing PPC campaigns requires time, expertise, and attention to detail. Professional PPC management services offer expertise, staying on top of trends, keyword research, and bidding strategies. We optimize your campaigns for maximum results and navigate PPC platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads, ensuring the best ROI.

Our services provide clarity and transparency with detailed reporting and analytics. You can track your campaign’s performance in real-time and make informed decisions. Outsourcing your PPC management frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other business aspects. Let professionals handle your campaigns while you concentrate on growth.

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Our PPC Services Company’s Process

From start to finish, you’re central to our considerations with the campaign. Whether it’s setting the budget, the copy we put in the ads, or the keywords and bids we set – you’ll know as much or as little as you feel you need to inform your marketing strategy and our place in it.

Initial Consultation: We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your goals, target audience, and budget.

Keyword Research and Analysis: We conduct comprehensive keyword research, analysing competitiveness, search volume, and relevance.

Campaign Strategy Development: We develop a tailored PPC strategy based on our findings.

Ad Creation and Optimization: Our team creates compelling ad copy and tracks performance, testing variations and adjusting bids.

Landing Page Optimization: We improve landing pages for better alignment with ad messaging and higher conversion rates.

Campaign Monitoring and Reporting: We monitor metrics like click-through rates and cost per click. Clients receive monthly performance reports with actionable insights.

Ongoing Optimization and Refinement: We continually optimize PPC campaigns using data-driven approaches.

Case Studies

With our PPC services, you could see improvement in the first month. Check out our success stories:

ppc services company 

Clothing retailer: 96% revenue growth, 81% increase in transactions, and 21% ROI boost in a year.

ppc management service

Insurance client: 422 more conversions and a lower cost per conversion.

ppc management

Legal client: 36% more conversions, 13% lower cost per conversion, and 37% revenue increase.

Each campaign faced unique challenges. We rely on data, not quick fixes, to boost your performance and reduce expenses.

Google Ads is always changing. We help you stay ahead with consistent performance that doesn’t break the bank.

What Can a PPC Services Company Do for You?

Partnering with Measured Marketing can transform your digital strategy. Here’s how:

  1. Strategic Campaign Planning: Tailored campaigns based on your objectives and industry.
  2. Targeted Audience Reach: Ads reach your ideal customers on relevant platforms.
  3. Continuous Optimization: We monitor and refine your campaigns to stay competitive.
  4. Transparent Reporting: Detailed insights keep you informed about your PPC investment.
  5. Cost-Effective Results: We optimize your budget for maximum efficiency.
  6. Dedicated Support: Personalized support from our PPC experts.

We’re big believers in continuous progress and growth with marketing campaigns. That’s why we’re not afraid to take bold steps, test ads against ads, and use your data to expand on a good performance. We think you should get the most out of your marketing budget, so why settle for less?

Many larger agencies take on a massive roster of clients, but leave their campaigns automated and unchanged for long periods of time. With us, you get a comprehensive and fully-detailed PPC report every month, breaking down the campaign’s performance with the most important metrics like cost per conversion, click through rate and conversion rate.

We’re confident you’ll be able to see the difference after just one month with us.

Industries We Cover

Over the last 15 years we’ve been busy getting to grips with Google Ads and delivering across industries. Below, you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of industries and niches we’ve helped with our PPC ads. There’s always more to learn, and we’ve been adaptive to the seismic changes in the search landscape over our time operating.

If you’re not listed, contact us with the form on the side bar for a free audit and see what we can do for you.

PPC Services for SMEs

SMEs face unique advertising challenges. We offer tailored PPC services to help you thrive:

  1. Budget-Friendly Solutions: Cost-effective PPC for tight budgets.
  2. Targeted Local Advertising: Reach customers in specific areas.
  3. Flexible Campaign Management: Adapt quickly to changes.
  4. Performance Tracking and Optimization: Real-time metrics to maximize ROI.
  5. Personalized Support and Guidance: Custom strategies to achieve your goals.
  6. Scalable Solutions for Growth: PPC solutions that grow with your business.

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Legal PPC Services

Legal firms need strong online visibility. PPC advertising boosts visibility, attracts clients, and grows your practice. Our targeted campaigns reach individuals seeking legal assistance at the point of search. The immediacy of a Google search is a great way to find clients in a spending mindset – your legal assistance can help put their mind at ease right away!

For our work with previous legal clients, we’ve provided search-focused campaigns that operate efficiently to their marketing budgets. These are far more effective than other forms of digital marketing and even other PPC campaigns, as people are often unaware of law firms until they need one.

With our Google Ads PPC management service, you’re getting a campaign at a price that works for you and a commitment to efficiency. We won’t let Google take you for a ride with automated ads or a ‘leave it to run’ mentality. Instead, you’ll get a campaign that’s focused on your needs and to your specifications, optimised every month by real, specialist PPC marketers.

Having worked with clients ranging from motoring to employment law, we have a broad portfolio of experience to draw on when it comes to approaching new legal campaigns.

Are you a solicitor or representing a law firm? Want to expand your digital presence? Click here to find out more about our offer to legal clients.

B2B PPC Services

B2B companies need a strong digital presence, and, as with everything online, that extends to Google. PPC advertising showcases offerings and drives qualified leads. We tailor B2B PPC campaigns to reach key stakeholders and decision-makers, with ad copy catered directly to them.

Whether you’re a supplier or an outsourcing service, we’ve helped connect businesses across the country and fostered creative campaigns that generate leads month on month. Some of the B2B services we’ve worked with include:

  • HR outsourcing firms. We’ve helped national-scale operations expand their pool of leads and generate more clients in both small and large businesses with targeted ads and benefit-focused messaging.
  • Office space rental firms. Matching potential renters with their new workplaces across Manchester and London, we delivered a campaign that focused specifically on the local area.
  • IT outsourcing firms. Running national and local campaigns, we helped grow their business month on month by identifying from past data messaging and service aspects that had generated engagement.

No matter what your B2B niche is, we’re here to help. Click here to read more about our B2B packages.

Local PPC Agency Services

Local PPC advertising helps SMBs attract nearby customers. Our location-based targeting drives foot traffic and conversions. Google Ads has a suite of features that can help local businesses get a leg up on big-spending national brands. These include:

  • Location targeting. Brick and mortar business? Local solicitor? Google Ads location targeting means you decide not only what searches your ads show under, but also where in the world they’re showing. Looking to get people to come to your garage in Birmingham? Want to advertise lettings in Southport? Our PPC management service helps you expand or contract your locations as your business grows.
  • Bid modifiers. Covering a wider area, but always getting better results from nearby? You can set a bid modifier to spend more and target that location with more of your budget. The customisability of Google Ads means that those sensitive to their local situation are always going to be more budget efficient than big businesses.
  • Ad extensions. Have specific pages for specific services? Know that a search might mean one thing or another? With targeted ad extensions, we’ll make sure your campaign stands out on a search results page by highlighting all aspects of your offer and competing for precious space.
  • Competitor bids. You know your offer is better than the competition. Why not target it? With Google Ads keywords, you can go after specific competitors where they do well, and make sure your ads appear as a priority to their customers. They’ll be doing the same to you – why not get ahead?

Curious as to what else you’ve been missing about local PPC? Read our article on it here!

Why Measured Marketing?

We’re a small PPC agency based in northwest England. Don’t mistake that for modesty – it means our team know our limits, and we take on as much work as we know our team can handle.

If we take you on, you know we’re confident we can help.

Our dedicated specialists handle everything from Google search campaigns to ECommerce Shopping campaigns with budgets from £500 to £500,000. We deliver effective marketing at rates that suit you.

All of our Google Ads clients get a bespoke approach that is attentive to the data and fully accountable, with landing page design and a free Bing Ads campaign on top of their Google Ads PPC management service.

As a PPC services company, we’re client-focused and always iterating on our approach for better results.

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