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Are you looking for a legal marketing agency? Measured Marketing have been providing law firms PPC marketing for search engines for over 15 years. Providing you with a long-lasting, optimised campaign that grows with your firm.

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency For Lawyers?

There are a few advantages to hiring a digital marketing agency like us:

  • A Comprehensive Approach. Our agency specialise in PPC ads. No SEO, no web development, no social media marketing, no upselling. We know what we’re good at and what we can deliver for you through Google Ads.

  • Data-driven. From fresh campaigns to taking over ones that fail, we know marketing is all about data. That’s why we’re always testing new ads, new copy, and even new landing pages. Campaigns are constantly improving as your online presence grows. Our work doesn’t stop after set up.

  • Transparent & Communicative. Monthly reports or weekly calls. We’re here to chat and give advice on the next steps for your campaign direct to you. As engaged with you as we are your campaign.

  • Built To Scale. We’ve handled budgets as low as £500 and as high as £100,000. All our campaigns work for you at a scale that suits your business development. Looking to scale up or back? We’re happy to help.

Measured Marketing is a marketing agency that specialises in PPC (pay-per-click) marketing for lawyers. Our team has a wealth of experience in digital marketing. We use our knowledge to help our potential clients succeed.

By partnering with Measured Marketing, law firms can focus on providing the best quality service while leaving the digital marketing to the experts. Our team can help law firms create a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to their specific needs and goals.

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Why Measured Marketing?

We’ll handle the production of ads and the technical issues that arise. Allowing you to focus on delivering the best quality service for their clients. A digital marketing agency for law firms is a powerful tool that you can use to expand your reach and find new clients.

With the help of specialist PPC marketing for lawyers, you can tap into the help of the experts. From motoring to HR or employment law, we have a proven track record of delivering for our legal clients.

Thousands of people are searching for your services and advice on Google. We’ll help connect you with them, so you can ensure a concrete return on investment. PPC marketing turn enquiries into clients.

Between your professional obligations and workload? You shouldn’t have to maintain your own digital marketing. We’ll handle the budgeting, scheduling, and targeting of ads. All to a high quality standard and a plan you agree with us.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your law firm grow its digital presence.

How Legal Marketing Services Help

As service providers, law firms can’t rely on the same old traditional advertising. Retailers and manufacturers enjoy strong brand recognition built over decades or even centuries. Law firms have to painstakingly build that from the ground up.

That’s why a digital marketing agency for law firms is so important for you. People searching for your services won’t know your name, but they will know they want a lawyer. Connecting with them at their point of need will create a reliable base of enquiries your page converts.

PPC campaigns are lucrative long term investments – but they require a lot of management. As a busy professional, you shouldn’t have to learn marketing lingo or technical jargon. We’ll take care of all that for you, providing a bridge for you to reach a reliable stream of clients.

Our Marketing Services

Here’s just one example of how we set up digital marketing for lawyers:

  1. Enquiry. After an initial consultation call with you, we’ll determine what you want out of your campaign. This is everything from the sort of budget you’d like to set to the keywords you’d like to target. As well as any audience segments or local areas you provide services in.

  2. Set up. We conduct our initial keyword research and produce a shortlist for your consideration. Then we draft our ads, set up our PPC campaign, and forward everything to you for sign off.

  3. Optimisation. Once your campaign is live, we don’t kick up our feet. PPC campaigns, especially in their early stages, need constant monitoring. Google is keen to skim a little off the top! Our first changes will save you money and avoid common pitfalls.

A three step, simple process with a full service we’ve honed over years of experience in the industry as a PPC marketing agency.

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Case Studies

Don’t believe us? Just listen to what some of our clients have to say about the quality service we provide across the legal sector:

legal marketing services

We’ve worked with professionals across the industry and built long-term partnerships.

Who We Are

Mike has been in the legal marketing game for more than a 15 years. He got his start in marketing for the legal industry – he’s carried that client base into Measured Marketing.

With Mike at the head of your campaign, you’ll be dealing with a professional. He knows all the tips and tricks to get your campaign started and working.

The PPC marketing landscape is constantly shifting. Google are releasing new automations and new analytics systems every day. Even rules around things like content marketing are changing.

Mike will help you save money and time, as well as keep your marketing on top of the game.

For responsive, performance-led digital marketing, contact Mike at 0151 515 7467 now!