Key Value Proposition of PPC Campaigns: Your Ultimate PPC Guide

In digital marketing, there’s always a dense jargon or menacing acronym – but what is the key value proposition of PPC campaigns? In this article, we’ll tell you what Google search campaigns can do for your business. We’ll also aim to explain how – beyond raising brand awareness – they…

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google adwords cost

Google AdWords Cost

Google AdWords cost is usually the cost you pay to Google which is known as you Ad Spend. There are a couple of other costs typically associated with campaigns: If you are paying an agency or a freelancer to manage the campaign for you then that will be another cost.…

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ppc services

Unlock the Benefits of PPC Services: Discover How

Discover the power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services with this comprehensive guide! Learn about PPC benefits, types of advertising platforms, budget allocation, and setting limits for CPC. Start optimizing your search terms and ad copy today!

Google Ads: How to Budget for Your Business’ Success

Google Ads budget is key. You need to be smart about how you allocate your funds so that you can get the most out of your advertising campaign. In this article, we’ll explain the bidding system for keywords and how the auction works. We’ll also walk you through how to…

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The differences between B2B and B2C PPC advertising

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it’s important to get PPC advertising for both types of audience right. Below, we discuss the similarities and differences when it comes to connecting with your potential buyers. PPC campaigns for B2B Targeting and timing In order to generate business leads, B2B advertisers…

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Age Bid Adjustments – PPC Agency Wirral

Currently within Google Ads these are the available age categories: You can set bid adjustments on these categories, or you can exclude certain age groups altogether. If all age groups make orders / enquiries of the same value, then typically you would set a bid adjustment in proportion to their…

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Google Adwords Call Tracking – PPC Wirral

Should You Track Calls? If you offer a service then a lot of your enquiries likely come in by telephone. Call tracking for Adwords allows you to see which visitors have called from within Adwords and Analytics, so it is linked to all the other Adwords and Analytics data for…

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Call Tracking for Google Adwords – PPC Wirral

If you offer a service then it is likely that most of your enquiries will come in by telephone. If you are a client of mine then I will highly recommend that you use paid call tracking to track where these telephone enquiries are coming from. The call tracking system…

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Does Google Adwords Work? – PPC Wirral

Does Google Adwords work and will it work for you? These are great questions to consider if you are looking for more business. Google Adwords is one of the most measurable forms of marketing. This means if your account is set up properly you can track exactly what you are…

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Understanding your web visitor’s mindset

When a visitor first lands on your website they don’t know yet if your website is worth reading or paying much attention to. People aren’t unintelligent or lazy but they are very time and energy efficient. You have to earn their time and mental energy, until then they will commit…

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If Adverts In Magazines Behaved Like Google Adwords Campaigns

I did a ten minute talk today to my buddies at Networx Wirral about how to run an adwords campaign and thought it might make for an interesting post. To illustrate why a well optimised Google Adwords Campaign can be such an effective way to market your business I described…

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PPC Consultant Wirral

I am a PPC Consultant with over 10 years experience. My area of expertise is in helping companies offering a service as opposed to those selling a physical product. For instance law firms, accountants, plumbers, dentists… Anyone that receives most of their enquiries by telephone as opposed to receiving orders…

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How Good Is Your Google Adwords Campaign?

You may be running Google Adwords yourself or have an Agency running it for you. What you get back from Adwords varies a lot depending on the quality of your campaign. A great campaign can literally get 10x more work for the same cost as a bad campaign. Adwords performs…

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