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Why PPC Promotion Is Great for Promoting Events

PPC promotion and social media advertising stand out as powerful tools for driving engagement and attendance at business events. By strategically leveraging these digital marketing methods, businesses can effectively reach potential customers and boost event participation. Here are some essential tips on utilizing PPC and social media ads to their…

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What Google’s BERT algorithm means for PPC

In October 2019, Google released a new algorithm update called BERT, which has a direct impact on SEO but also implications for paid search. Let’s take a look at what exactly BERT is and why context is now everything. What is BERT? BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.…

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Use first party data to boost PPC performance

Marketers can produce a better return from their PPC investments by incorporating first party data across campaigns. Using information gathered from analytics platforms, subscriptions, sales data, incoming call data and resource downloads, PPC marketers can make more informed decisions when it comes to campaigns. These decisions can, in turn, generate…

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negative audience google ads

Leveraging Negative Audience Google Ads & Powerful Exclusion Strategies

Introduction to Negative Audience and Exclusion Concepts in Google Ads Google Ads has become an essential part of digital marketing strategies for businesses across the globe. But with this ubiquity comes the immense competition, making it challenging for brands to stand out and reach their intended audience efficiently. This is…

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PPC trends for 2020

Have a read of the key trends to look out for in the world of PPC this year, driven by technological advancements. Advertisers will take control of PPC automation 2020 is the year that advertisers will take back control of automation and decide which software features they want to use…

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PPC best practices for 2020

Applying new strategies and incorporating new features into your paid search campaigns is an effective way to improve performance. This article offers tips on how to develop your existing PPC strategy and bring it up to standard in 2020. Review your PPC budget This is a task that should be…

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Parallel tracking to become mandatory for Google Ads video campaigns

From 30 March 2020 parallel tracking will be mandatory for all video campaigns, in order to increase mobile site speed. What is parallel tracking? Parallel tracking is a useful tool that brings visitors directly to a landing page upon clicking whilst measuring the ad click in the background using third-party…

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affinity audiences google ads

Affinity Audiences Google Ads: What You Need To Know

In order to create a more personalised experience for people searching online, Google Ads has added two new audience segments – Affinity Audiences and Seasonal Event Segments for In-Market Audiences. For affinity audiences Google Ads has innovated a number of new features that help sharpen targeting and improve the service’s…

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AI for PPC

Harness the Power of AI for PPC: Optimization and Performance

In today’s technologically-driven world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in reshaping various industries, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is no exception. By leveraging AI, PPC practitioners can turn vast amounts of data into actionable insight, driving more profitable campaigns while reducing manual labour. So, what exactly does ‘AI for…

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ppc trends 2024

PPC Trends 2024: The Ultimate Guide to PPC Trends & Growth Strategies

AI and Machine Learning in PPC Trends In 2024, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in optimizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is expected to have a momentous impact. Both AI and Machine Learning are rapidly becoming crucial components for advertisers aiming to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive…

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How to get the most from your PPC product feeds and campaigns

To improve the probability of your products showing up on Google, there are a few tasks you should be completing regularly. Let’s take a look… Make ads relevant Many people search for particular products online, so in your titles you should include relevant keywords that searchers will be likely to…

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How to create perfect ad copy for paid search

Writing effective paid search ad copy is not easy – just ask any marketer and they will agree. This article focuses on three tips to create ad copy that gains clicks and conversions. Create compelling, well-written content It used to be fairly easy for businesses to make it to one…

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How to create a Paid Search Audience Strategy

Strategy is key for every aspect of digital marketing, to ensure that you are targeting the right people and communicating the relevant messages. In paid search via Google, having an effective audience strategy is vital. What is a Paid Search Audience Strategy? With paid search advertising you are targeting those…

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ppc performance optimization

Master PPC Performance Optimization: Strategies to Skyrocket Your Campaigns

Introduction to PPC and Performance Optimization In recent years, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has emerged as a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Within this vast landscape, a particular area that demands attention is PPC performance optimization. If you’ve ever wondered what it is or why it’s important, then you’re in the…

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How privacy and automation are impacting PPC

The ever-changing landscape of Google Ads can leave PPC professionals on the edge of their seats as they await the next announcement. Privacy and automation are two trends for 2020 that will have a direct impact on PPC campaigns. Let’s delve deeper… User trust Users are becoming more focused on…

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Google redesigns desktop search to highlight ads

Following the mobile version of the new black ad label that was launched in May 2019, Google has now rolled out the updated design on desktop search results, too. What does this new ad label do? The black ad label replaces the green outlined label that was introduced by Google…

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ppc tips 2024

9 PPC Tips 2024 Edition

Everyone wants to know how to make their PPC campaigns the best they can be, so we have rounded up nine top PPC tips for 2024 that you can apply to your campaigns this year. Consider a Campaign Restructure Sounds drastic, but following an audit of your account by a…

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5 questions you should be asking your PPC agency

Before choosing whether or not to outsource your PPC advertising, it’s important to find the PPC agency or PPC professional that is right for your business. Have they worked in your industry before? Are they experienced PPC professionals? This article takes a look at the five most important questions you…

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