5 questions you should be asking your PPC agency

Before choosing whether or not to outsource your PPC advertising, it’s important to find the PPC agency or PPC professional that is right for your business. Have they worked in your industry before? Are they experienced PPC professionals? This article takes a look at the five most important questions you should be asking when deciding which agency to handle your PPC campaigns.

1. Do you have any other clients in my industry?

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, you want to check that there is no conflict of interest with them working with your competitors, and secondly, you want to see examples of the work they have done for those clients and the results – ie, how they have met or exceeded KPIs using PPC advertising.

2. How do you measure success?

When paying someone to manage an aspect of your digital marketing strategy, you want to know that taking this approach, rather than managing PPC campaigns in-house, is beneficial. You want to be assured that business goals are being met and that this extra spend is worthwhile. Having confidence in your PPC agency is paramount. Expect the agency to mention goal-setting, tracking of metrics and benchmarks for successful PPC campaigns.

3. How often will you update us on how the account is running?

As a very minimum you should be receiving a PPC report from an agency on a monthly basis, along with an analysis and details on what is doing well and what is not. A weekly scheduled call is the norm, however, along with an emailed report.

4. What can we expect from the first 90 days of working together?

If your PPC agency or freelancer is highly-experienced then they should already have processes in place for taking on a new client. This is likely to involve invoice templates, processes for regular account updates to clients and conversations about how they will manage the PPC budget and drive results.

5. Why should we choose you?

A seemingly obvious question to ask, but one that clients often don’t. The answer to this question will hopefully give you an insight into how the agency rates itself, how confident they are in their abilities, and what attributes they have that others might not.

If in doubt, just ask! After all, you will be parting with your cash and putting your trust in this group of people/person in order to benefit your business and create more leads and revenue.

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