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Discover how lawyers can use SEO to their advantage! Explore the current landscape and five key areas for impressive results. Read now for advice on keyword research, competitor analysis, content marketing, link building and more.”

What Is A New Enquiry Worth To You?

Knowing what an enquiry is worth can be really helpful when deciding if your marketing is working. It can help you make better business decisions. With some forms of marketing including Google Adwords (my field) you can get good data back on what you are paying, on average, for each…

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You didn’t did you? – PPC Wirral

Site copy: I bet you did this, most people do. If I look at your website, am I going to see almost identical wording and phrases to what everyone else in your industry uses?! You didn’t write the same site copy as some else in your industry, which they copied…

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The business laws of nature: ignore them at your peril.

This post talks about the first business law of nature: noise. What it is and what you can do about it. Even Bill Gates can’t stop noise. He did something else instead. Not the kind of noise that you hear. Unless perhaps you are listening to a radio station that isn’t…

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Marketing Strategy Vs Being Overpriced

Do you have an effective marketing strategy or are you just expensive? Like most service based companies your ideal client is probably a big company or individual with plenty of cash and a large need for your services. You may even have tried to entice this type of client by…

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Productivity Tip

Here is a little productivity technique I use that you may find useful. It is mainly to see how your business is progressing. Usually I come in and one of the first things I do is write my todo list for the day. I then have a key that I use…

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Service Based Businesses Have Got No Time!

I’m on a bit of a tangent from writing about marketing but hopefully this is something that people will find useful. Imagine running a business full time selling a product. You have to do all the things that businesses do like marketing, admin, sales, customer service. This is a typical…

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Will Google Adwords or SEO Work For My Business?

The answer to this question is a big factor when deciding if you should invest in internet marketing or not. Hopefully the below will shed some light. Do My Potential Customers Use The Internet? In some industries people tend to assume that their potential clients don’t use the internet. Sometimes…

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Promote a New Small Business Website – part 4

Exceptions: Every business is as unique as the people within the business so there will be lots of exceptions but as long as you understand what I have written then you should be able to make a more educated decision as to what marketing should work for your company. I…

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Promote a New Small Business Website – part 3

For your typical local business the best course of action is: From Day 1: Google Adwords with the help of a professional to get work in quickly for a reasonable price. Start blogging in your own time if your produce / service is topical. You may even be able to…

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Promote a New Small Business Website – Part 2

Here is the table on different types of marketing and how they should be used: You have to keep it relevant and practical. People probably wont join the “Company X’s Colonic Irrigation Fan Page” but they may still add you as a Facebook friend under your personal name if they…

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internet marketing for small businesses – Part 1

Ok, so it’s day 1, your new website has gone live. What now? If you have asked around you have probably had lots of different suggestions on internet marketing for small businesses from different people that may have had some reference to: Google, Other Search Engines, Keywords, Search Engine Marketing…

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How much traffic does my website need?

Do you know how many visitors your website needs before you start you start generating business? This article will address this. It is for people who have a website offering a service or a products. (As opposed to website where people are trying to generate money through advertising on the…

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