Pay Per Lead

How Does Pay Per Lead Marketing Work?

We can generate leads for you on a pay per lead basis. Our agency pays all the advertising costs and does the work; you just pay based on the results of the marketing.

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Traditional Agency Model

The traditional agency model is where you agree a fixed monthly retainer, and you pay advertising spend, and potentially a set up fee too. And then you continue to pay the retainer and the advertising spend no matter how much business you get back.

So if you don’t get much back and you have signed up for a 12 month contract then you might be in for a rough ride. You can see why a lot of agencies prefer this model.

The Pay Per Lead Model

With pay per lead you agree a price per enquiry and you that is all you pay. You aren’t charged for duplicate enquiries. There is no set up cost and no long term contract. The number of leads you are getting each week can usually be scaled up or down to meet your needs.

Agencies that have achieved good results for clients in the past are often confident enough to offer this model.

How Do We Generate Leads

We often recommend Google Ads as your first source of leads. There are billions of searches on Google every day. Some of them will be from people actively searching for your services.

A Sign That Pay Per Lead Is For You

Not only are these people in the marketplace, they are so keen they are taking time out to research. Often they are in the process of choosing who to use and will contact someone straight away.

We can advertise your company to people searching for keywords that match what you offer. The same way you may have searched for Pay Per Lead to end up here.

Google Ads leads are often 3x more likely to become a paying customer. We have had companies approach us that were buying Facebook leads and they weren’t converting to paying customers. This wasn’t a problem with Google leads.
If you can’t get enough from Google of have an offering that not many people are aware of so they don’t search for it then Facebook leads may be better. Also if you have a call centre that can filter through leads quickly then that can make Facebook a more worthwhile avenue for you.

Google’s display network is a great alternative to Facebook. It offers similar quality leads and has a very wide reach. The display network ads come up throughout the internet, on many mobile apps and on YouTube now that Google owns it.

For most industries having specially designed landing pages for users to land on will more than double the number of enquiries you receive. So we build these for you and work with you to decide on the best offer and USP to promote to get leads. These pages are designed to encourage users to get in touch.

What Are The Benefits Of Pay Per Lead Generation?

Paying per lead is a low risk way of getting more business. It is typically only offered by agencies that know how to run very successful campaigns.

It means you don’t have to worry about set up costs. You don’t even need to use your website for the marketing it can all be dealt with through landing pages.

About Us

Mike has over 15 years experience, current clients are investing between £500 and £40,000 per month. Campaigns we have developed generate millions.

Recent results, month 2 for a new client generated over 200 enquiries:

Pay Per Lead Results


All our leads are exclusive to you, we advertise your company and they will be calling you or filling in the form expecting to speak to your company. This gives you the best chance of converting them in to a customer.

Pay Per Lead Industries

We have experience across many industries are always looking to branch out in to new industries.

Our experience includes many areas of the legal industry, mis selling claims, tradesman industries including driveways, breakdown recovery, insurance, debt management, and so on.

We’ve been managing PPC for companies for over 15 years.

Whether you run a big national campaign or a smaller locally focused one, we scale our marketing to meet your needs.

PPC is highly targeted: that’s why you need an agency with a data-driven approach. We have a responsive reporting process, an analytical approach to data, and the expertise necessary to provide you a continuous improvement on your campaign.

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