Google Ads PPC Case Study

See in this video how we generate over 300 enquiries per month for a law firm. This is a completely free Google Ads PPC Case Study.

Screenshots from the video:

generating legal enquiries

(351 enquiries for under £20 each)

high quality legal enquiries

(most enquiries are telephone calls which are much higher quality)

Transcript From Case Study Video

Hello there, this is a quick video I’ve made for you, , to show you how we get more than 300 enquiries per month For one of our clients. It’s a driving offense solicitor. So give you a behind the scenes peek exactly how we do that

Okay, so here we go, so let’s look into their account it’s We’re using google ads for this client as you can see here I’ve set the last 30 days , and they’ve generated 351 enquiries in the last 30 days. 0.29, the 0.29 is just to do with Google’s attribution modeling. So if someone visits the site twice, we only get a little bit of the credit for it.

, but yes, it’s probably actually more than 351 once you work it all out and it’s cost on average, , under 20 pound per enquiry as well. And then if we show you the types of enquiry, , you can see most of them, 267 off phone calls, , only 80 of them off forms as well. So that’s a sign that they are really high quality enquiries.

So most people want to pick up the phone and talk to somebody instead of just. Filling in a form and waiting the calls are more than twice as likely to actually go on to become a paying legal client And compared to the forms whereas the forms tend to come in sometimes at night and evenings and they’ll be hard to get in touch With and they just tend to be less keen in the first place.

Otherwise They would have rang And so the quality is very good And the trick we use for this is we run the campaigns and what’s called manual bidding. So normally Google will try and pressure you into using Google smart bidding or automated bidding. , as far as Google is concerned, an enquiry is an enquiry , Google won’t know.

, based on the data that normally has, if it’s a good enquiry or a bad enquiry. , but by doing things on manual, we’re able to kind of pick out the really high quality stuff. It works on a bidding system , you can target specific devices, so you would target desktop users more, they’re usually a lot more keen.

That means desktop and laptop. So when you sit down at a proper computer, it means they’re quite keen. Whereas when they’re on the mobile phone, that’s more of a, Order a pizza type mentality. So someone who has this kind of serious issue is more likely to sit at a computer. So by default, the system would try and just pay the same amount.

So 20 pounds, , for a mobile enquiry, 20 pounds for a desktop enquiry. In reality, it’s a, it’s worth paying, you know, 30 from, Desktop and you’re 15 for a mobile for example, And another thing that we can control as well with the manual bidding is the time of day we show up How competitively we bid at different times of day?

So the serious people will normally look during the daytime when they know a law firm’s office is going to be open And the people that tend to look in evenings or weekends again are the ones that don’t call up And they tend to be less keen because they know they weren’t actually thinking about making an enquiry , otherwise, they would have done it in the daytime when they know you’re open And another one as well is what they actually search for so you got the most serious offenses like drink driving and drug driving vs very light offenses like speeding And again, if you just leave it to google It’s just going to kind of fill your funnel up with the low quality stuff , whereas you will be competing against people Like my clients here who’s using manuals to kind of suck up all the good enquiries And so we’ll be bidding high on the kind of serious offenses where they are more likely definitely have to go to court and want to do that representation and speeding and stuff.

You can still cover it, but you place like a very low bid on it. So anything that comes in is cheap. So if I do manual, we can control different things from the account. You can see here, it’s split out. This is kind of daytime outside of hours and weekends.

We’ve got a lot of control of, , how we’re bidding at different times of day and what page we send them to and stuff like that. So yeah, it gives us more control basically. And the other big thing. That’s enables to get this much volume and high quality is the page that we send them to And so i’ll show you a page.

This isn’t the actual client’s page. You’ll see it’s me , but it’s just a mock up just to kind of give you an idea But didn’t want to share the actual client’s page, but this is kind of what works So as you’ll see, it’s a standalone page We don’t send people to your normal website where it’s got, you know, home about us and 10 other services across the top It’s proven, it’s been tested many times, that having those links at the top will lower your conversion rate.

It’s like putting a bunch of holes in your funnel, essentially. It’s just something to distract people. And there’s other reasons why it may have a big negative impact as well. , you know, the copy at the top of the page is seen as important, but you’re saying home and about us at the top of the page and things like that.

So it’s just a distraction as well as the risk that they might actually click on it. So it’s like, you’re giving people more options and they’re less likely to start reading the copy and things like that. So yeah, shouldn’t have the navigation on the landing page. You don’t need it. If you’re doing Google ads, it’s not like other types of marketing, like SEO, where you need all the pages to link together and enables you to do a tailored page as well, because you could have lots of pages because they’re not connected.

People won’t see you’ve got like 50 of the same page. So, you know, different pages to match the person’s location and you can do. Different pages to match the keyword and the offense that they’ve typed in. So this can all be tailored basically, either dynamically or just have separate pages. , yeah. We have, as you see, it’s very, very simple.

So the, the, the big usps, , benefits the credibility. But a little bit of rapport and then ask them to call and you’re giving them a reason to call for a free consultation. So that will be enough to convert most people, , the image in the background, the police car can give a kind of sense of urgency if you’re doing other areas of law, you may want a different picture there.

Yeah, that’s what’s proven to work. Well, basically the results of many tests, and then we have got more copy further down, , and a form and stuff for people that want to read more. It’s important that the copy is super simple. One to two sentences per paragraph, a short, simple paragraphs, not legalese. If they have to do more work to process the text, they have less positive feelings towards whatever they’re reading about.

If it’s simple, they have more positive feelings. So you’re kind of exposing them to your brand the first time and we start with these big mammoth paragraphs, , and they have to, it’s kind of like how much people like the maths teachers essentially they just don’t enjoy it. , if the text is harder to read, So yeah, that’s another factor as well.

Keep the copy super simple and positive. And, but yeah, that’s it. That simply that gives you a good idea. It’s quite simple. So manual campaign, Google ads, Lots of focus on devices time of day, whether they will look kind of the quality based on the keyword and a page that is standalone land a page. So you can match it to what they’re looking for.

Keep it super simple. Try and use as much positive wording as you can, especially at the start of the page. Try to avoid negative keywords, even if it’s a double negative, you know. “getting charged can be a real pain”. For example, understand that you’re trying to build a rapport with the person. A lot of solicitors do.

“Divorce can be the most stressful time of your life”. The page will start with, but you shouldn’t use those words when you’re exposing someone to your brand. Potentially it’s the first time they’ve seen your logo and your brand. And before they’ve read the page, , their subconscious part of their brain will see all that negative language.

It’s a bit like. Showing them your logo and psychologically giving them a punch in the arm.

Positive copy still works best. And yeah, hopefully that gives you an idea of what works. , if you’re interested in those setting up something like this for you, for, , whatever area of law, yeah, feel free to get in touch and we can help you with that. , we have, we’ve run a lot of campaigns in the past for different areas and family law, employment law, and things like that.

So we have a lot of campaigns that we can. , essentially just copy and paste, , almost, which is another advantage of a manual campaign and just tweak it towards your location. , and we have templates like this, so we can kind of adjust for your logo and whatever kind of indicators the credibility you have that we can use there.

, so yeah, hope you found that useful.

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