The Importance of Keywords in SEO – Part 3

Keywords and Your Content

Keywords can define your content but it should not necessarily dictate the direction of your content and subject. Just conjuring up any keyword and stuffing it on your web page can have more negative effects as Google highly discourages keyword stuffing. There are some fundamental rules on the usage of keywords for it to be effective in your webpage.

The keywords inform the bots, like Google bots the information on your webpage at the same time they should also look natural to your audience without looking out of context. The target keywords should be included in Title Tag and the body of the content.
The target keyword should be present in the webpage URL, the H1 tag of the web page, the meta description of the page, and the alt description or attributes of the images that are present on the pages to further help the crawlers and bots determine the content of the webpage at the same time inform the audience of the overview of the content of the webpage even without reading the pages.

Final Words

The keyword is a double-edged weapon that can either help improve traffic with quality visitors, increase conversion and click-through rates or increase your bounce rates and customer abandonment. The importance of keywords varies every year because of the rapidly evolving algorithms of the Search Engine. In 2012, Search Engines needed websites to specify meta keywords and now in 2017, the search engine auto-detects the keywords through the content of the webpage.

Keywords define your content but should not dictate your subject. The quality of the content should not suffer for the purpose of including the keyword in the body but should complement it. For more help with SEO visit Search Engine Optimisation Wirral.

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