The Importance of Keywords in SEO – Part 2

Keywords and Your Target Audience – continued

So how do the Keyword and its search volume and difficulty allow you to target your customers? The metrics can help you determine the trends of searches and queries and it can also allow you to create specific content that is targeted to a specific group of users or a Niche Market.

Let’s have a scenario on how keywords determine your audience. The keyword “Top 10 Games” is a broad keyword with a high search volume and high keyword difficulty, meaning that there a plenty of people using the word to search for games. The audience could be parents looking for games to play for their toddlers, A team leader looking for games to play on the company outing or a Gamer looking for games to play over the summer.

Changing your keyword to “Top 10 Games for PC” allows you to target a specific group of people who are looking for Games for their Computer. This allows you to create content that can target that keyword to capture the audience. Focusing your keyword to “Top 10 Action Games for PC” allows you to target a specific niche in your target audience.

Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords can target a broad audience or target a specific niche in your audience. It all depends on the keywords. Keywords that attract a broad subject may attract a large number of an audience but it is difficult to rank against a large number of other websites. Keywords that are specific to a subject may be not be as difficult to rank but they also attracts a considerably lower amount of traffic, these keywords are Long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords usually have more than three words.

Long-Tail Keywords attract what the industry calls, a High-Quality Visitor because they know what they are looking for and therefore a higher click-through rate or a bigger chance of conversion to sales. Most websites and blogs strategise on Long-Tail keywords by publishing a number of articles that target a specific audience. The combined number of audience visiting the web pages with long-tail keywords can potentially outrank the number of audiences attracted by a broad keyword and at the same time attracting good quality visitors.

Short-Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords usually contain less than three words and often connotes to a broad topic that generates high volume searches but has a high keyword difficulty.

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