The Importance of Keywords in SEO – Part 1

Every time you talk about Search Engine Optimisation the term “keywords” is always present in the conversation. It is an important aspect of SEO and many SEO Specialist and SEO Managers still debate on exactly how important exactly are the keywords are and how they affect driving traffic and improve the ranking of your webpage.

What are Keywords?

To know the importance of keywords we must understand what they mean for your website and potential customers. From your customer’s perspective, the keywords are the words or phrases the customer uses to make a search query in the search engine. Search Queries can be as simple as finding out the best computer, the top 10 best computer games or as complex as solving engineering problems.

From the perspective of the website owner the keywords define your content. They give you an idea of what your potential customers are searching for, how often, and how many of them are searching for the same thing. The keywords can also give you important insights into the trend of your customer’s behaviour trends that can help you create a marketing strategy to help better capture your customer’s demand through their searches and queries. The keywords also help you determine the type and subject of your content to publish on your website or blog.

Keywords and Your Target Audience

As discussed in the previous section of the Article, the Keywords can define the type of content you publish but Keywords can also help you target the type of customers you want to visit in your website.

A keyword has a number of properties or metrics that determine its potential usefulness like Keyword Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty. The Keyword Search Volume shows the number of searches of a given keyword within a specified time range. The Keyword Difficulty is a rating on how many websites that are using the keyword for their content, this means that the more difficult the keyword the harder it is to make it to the first page of the search results. The Keyword Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty can be loosely defined as the supply and demand of content.

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