The Basics of On-Page SEO – part 3

Device Optimisation

The recent breakthroughs in the development of smartphones and tablets have made them an increasingly popular platform for viewing content on the internet and it can no longer be ignored that audiences viewing from their mobile devices contributes a major part in website traffic. It is now a major element in Search Engine Optimization that webpages should take into consideration the mediums that their target audiences may access it from like iPhones, Android Phones and Tablets.

Optimising the website for mobile devices improves the user experience of customers and decreases bounce rates and increases click-through rates. Making the website responsive across all devices makes it user-friendly and at the same time improves content delivery.

Webpage Loading Speed

The Loading Speed of a webpage is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization. An average user expects a webpage to load in under 4 seconds and over that threshold, you risk bouncing the customer off your website.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that the webpage loads faster like getting the fastest server available for the website, minimize the size of images without degrading the quality, and using caching whenever possible. Faster loading pages improve user experience and encourage users to click through other pages in the websites.

Optimising Content for SEO

Optimising content for Search Engine is a delicate balance of satisfying the Google crawlers and your target audience. Google highly discourages a number of SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, Content Cloaking, Duplicate Content and low-quality backlinks.

The quality of the content outweighs all other SEO factors in generating improve ranking because if the content you present answers the user’s search query or provides relevant information then the higher the likelihood that user will engage with your website and share the content across social media channels increasing the reach.

On-Page SEO helps improve the chances of Google ranking your page but the content is always king. No matter how fast your webpage loads, how beautiful it looks or how streamlined it is for mobile phone none of it will matter if the content of the web pages won’t answer the user’s questions or provide relevant information.

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