First But Still No Enquires – Part 2

3) How Does My Site Appear Within Google –

I get to test a lot of different ad headlines and ad copy as part of running Google adwords so I can assure you that the wording of your google listing makes a big difference to the percentage of people that will click through to your site. Your headline (which comes from your page title) should include the keyword that your site appears for. Otherwise people may skim past your listing. Words that match what the user searched for appear in bold so you want as much of your listing to appear in bold as possible.

4) As well as the headline the text that appear underneath is important –
Google gets the final say on what text appears either the meta description form your page or copy from your page that matches the keyword. However you can encourage Google to use your meta description by including the keyword in there too. That way you can write your own ad that makes more sense then random text pulled of the site.

Here is my listing for the term “SEO Wirral”

As you can see the headline matches the search term and it has used my meta description too instead of using an extract from the website content.

5) Is Your Baby Ugly?

Get a second opinion on your website. Is it set up to encourage people to make enquiries. Obvious things to look for are: do the contact details stand out, is there a clear call to action like call now, does it say who you are asking them to call, are you providing the information they need to decide if they want to make an enquiry or not, are there indicators of credibility on your site like testimonials / reviews / accreditations / awards you have won.
6) Is the wording right?

Does it encourage people to contact you? Is it relevant to what the person is searching for? Is there a lot of wording in the site that isn’t relevant to encouraging the visitor to sign up. E.g. having your twitter feed take centre stage probably won’t persuade people to sign up.

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