Adwords For Solicitors

An Example of Recent Work
Last month (June 2016) one of our Legal Clients spent £3,916 on an Adwords campaign we created and manage for them. In return they received 181 telephone enquiries and 51 email enquiries (see screenshots below).

This particular client usually generates 10x their adwords spend in fee earning work each month. So for every £1,000 they spend they bill about £10,000.

In total 15% of their adwords visitors made an enquiry (181 calls + 51 emails out of 1550 visitors). The legal industry average is 4.35%. So our client received in enquiries 3x what the average firm receives.

It is hard to measure the quality of these enquiries, but this particular client does not mention a free initial consultation on their web pages like a lot of other firms. They actually advertise a fixed fee interview on the page to deter people looking for “a bit of free advice”.

If you are interested in learning more about how adwords may help your firm please call Mike or fill in the enquiry form.

Spend and visits:


Fixed fee offer from landing pages:

Source: Legal Industry Average Conversion Rate: []

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