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I am a PPC Consultant with over 10 years experience. My area of expertise is in helping companies offering a service as opposed to those selling a physical product. For instance law firms, accountants, plumbers, dentists… Anyone that receives most of their enquiries by telephone as opposed to receiving orders through a website.

As a PPC Consultant I have helped clients gain up to 20x return on investment. For instance an Employment Law Firm I am working with at the moment generate over £17,000 in fees for every £1,000 of spend I manage for them.

The campaigns I manage perform far better than most of their competitor’s. Here is a campaign I took over from another PPC Consultant. As soon as I launched my amended version of the campaign the number of enquiries increased by more than 5 times and the cost per enquiry dropped from £100 per enquiry to £15 per enquiry.

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Luckily that campaign had already accumulated a lot of data that I was able to use to improve it dramatically just by adjusting keyword bidding without any other changes. Normally it takes a long time to improve a campaign this much. This original PPC Consultant had failed to act upon the data available to them. Mainly data that shows the conversion rate of all the different keywords.

“The work you have done on the PPC so far is having great results already we are getting 10 times the enquires we were previously.” – part of an email from the above client (it was actually 5.6x more enquiries but who am I to argue with a compliment!)

Why Service Based PPC Campaigns?

Advertising a service is very different from advertising a product. Here are some of the big differences.

Landing Pages

With physical products a user can often get the same or similar product elsewhere so you are mainly competing on price. A service is very different and the quality of the service depends largely on the individual providing the service. Different individuals and teams will have different expertise and different levels of experience in different areas and also different processes for delivering their service. Expertise, efficiency and value for money will all be different from one provider to the next.

This makes your landing page copy very important to the whole process. It is important that it is used to display your company as experts in their field providing an efficient, effective and high quality service. From doing a good job of representing a client in court to being able to provide caring and pain free teeth removal, depending on your sector.

When promoting a service using PPC you always want to use bespoke landing pages that match the keywords the visitor used instead of using your main website. So if they search for a “lawyer” instead of a “solicitor” or in my case an “adwords agency” instead of a “ppc consultant” you want the page to match what they searched for. This improves your quality score and your conversion rate. Bespoke pages often double the amount of enquires you receive for your budget. If you have an existing provider and they aren’t using bespoke landing pages this may be cause for concern!

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