Where is my professional?

(This is another extract from my ebook on how to get more of your website visitors to make enquiries. It is now available for FREE download: https://sols-uk.com/ebook4.php)

People buy professional services from professionals, which means other human beings (At least until Artificial Intelligence takes over!). They don’t buy a professional service from a logo, brand or even a firm.

The skills, abilities, availability and reliability of that particular individual professional that will actually be doing the work will make the biggest difference to the quality of the service provided. That is how all services work.

In your website visitor’s mind will be the question “Where is my professional?” The answer should be in the form of a profile picture with a name and contact details prominently displayed on your website.

The pages will also be more effective if it is written from the perspective of that professional. It will help build a lot of trust and rapport.

If your page says for example “Solicitor Jones helps people who need immigration advice” that isn’t really a professional speaking to the reader. This makes it much easier for me to say no to “Solicitor Jones”. If the page says “I” can help “you” with “your situation” then that makes it a lot harder to say no. Solicitor Jones is talking to “you” directly. Especially if Solicitor Jones has a profile picture in the corner of the page smiling at you.

As we have mentioned previously [in the book not in this article] visitors aren’t that interested in the name of the firm or the professional to start with. So using “I” instead of the name of the firm / solicitor also makes your pages easier to read as well as being more effective at converting.

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