The Fundamentals of SEO – Part 3

(continued from part 1 and part 2)

4. Using Keywords

Keywords are important but should not be your primary basis for creating content. Stuffing too many keywords into your webpage can make it unnatural and may be counterproductive to your goals. Google recommends creating content that provides relevant information to your target audience.

To know how to use keywords properly let us define it with respect to SEO and the search engine. By definition, keywords are what your target audience type in the search engine. Keywords help you target your target audience or customer by targeting they’re most frequently searched keywords.

There are plenty of tools to help with Keywords like Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

5. On-Page SEO

On-page, optimisation tackles the structure of your web pages like the Site Title, Meta Description, HTML Tags, On page content, headline tags, content structure, and navigation. These help improve user experience and at the same time help Google’s crawlers index your site.

Accurate page or site title tells both your audience and the Google search engine the topic of the content of the page. HTML tag helps crawlers determine the title of the page. Snippets of the title should be relevant to the content and should not be misleading. Google penalizes websites the mislead their audiences.

Meta Description helps Google determine the summary of the webpage and display it in the search engine results. Heading tags structure your on-page content and help Google index your content. Site Navigation like sitemaps and breadcrumbs help the crawlers find and index your web pages at the same time improve user experience while navigating your site.

6. Off-Page SEO

Off-page, SEO focuses on links, backlinks, and PageRank. Links come in many forms and help redirect your audience to other relevant content in your website. These links can be internal links that redirect your audience to other pages in your websites or external links the redirect your audience to other websites. Backlinks are links from an external site that direct to your website.

7. Site Performance and Analytics

Analysis of the performance of the webpage is an important part of SEO. Monitoring the performance of individual web pages gives you insights whether your current SEO strategy is improving your website traffic and determine key areas of improvement.

Google’s powerful tool, Google Analytics that helps website monitor their performance and is important in determining audience behaviour like user demographics, what type of device being used and the type of keywords they used to find your page and many more important data.

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