Introduction of Google gallery ads

Google is introducing a new search ad format for mobile, which will enable advertisers to feature up to eight images in a gallery ad.

What are gallery ads?

Consisting of four to eight images in a carousel that people can swipe through, gallery ads also include a 70-character description and up to three headlines. Using three different headlines is a great way to test different types of ad copy, approach and call-to-actions. Gallery ads are similar to the swipeable image ads seen on Facebook and Instagram feeds, which are a very successful marketing tool.

Where can gallery ads show?

Gallery ads only show on mobile and in the top spot in Google search results.

What campaigns are they used in?

Gallery ads are a new ad format so they can be used in search campaigns ad groups alongside text ads. They compete in the same auction against other text ads.

What is the cost of gallery ads?

There are two ways that advertisers are charged for interactions with gallery ads. The first is when a user clicks on the headline and is taken to the advertiser’s website, and the second is if a user swipes through three images in the gallery.

What are the benefits of gallery ads over text ads?

Images drive engagement, so the introduction of gallery ads should help ads receive more interactions. Strong, emotive images tend to stick in our minds more than words do. When it comes to performance, Google stated that advertisers gain 25% more interactions with ad groups containing one or more gallery ads – that’s paid clicks or swipes at the absolute top of the mobile search results page than standard text ads do. Conversions may not be direct but gallery ads can potentially help drive non-click conversions and assist with conversions further down the customer journey.


The introduction of gallery ads is a wonderful additional to the search ad platform. Promoting a product visually not only helps advertisers increase interactions to help drive sales or generate leads, but it also enables advertisers to increase brand awareness through compelling imagery within the search network. Words that are accompanied by images equal a killer advertising combination.

Are you considering using gallery ads in your paid search campaigns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. As with all PPC campaigns, it pays to use a PPC professional to get the best results for your business.

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