Call Tracking for Google Adwords – PPC Wirral

If you offer a service then it is likely that most of your enquiries will come in by telephone. If you are a client of mine then I will highly recommend that you use paid call tracking to track where these telephone enquiries are coming from.

The call tracking system will allow us to see which keywords are leading to calls, what time of day, where the visitor was based, what sort of device they were on (desktop, mobile, tablet), if they are a returning visitor or first time visit, and much more. All this will then be stored as conversions in Adwords and Google Analytics.

This data can then be collected over time and used to improve your campaign. Eventually conversion data can lead to 2x to 3x more enquiries for your budget so it makes a big difference to how much you get back from your adwords spend.

Adwords works on a bidding system, the more you bid the higher your advert appears in Google and the more likely it is that the user will click on your advert. With enough conversion data we can make sure you appear higher for visitors that are more likely to call. You have to pay more for the visitor when your ad comes up higher but they are more likely to call so it is worth it.

You also use the data to make sure you appear lower down when they are less likely to call. This means you are less likely to get those visitors but you still get some of them and then you pay less for them.

This allows you to outmanoeuvre your competitors, appearing high for the good visitors that are likely to call and leaving your competitor to pay over the odds for the visitors that are less likely to call.

By adjusting your bids in this way you reduce the cost you pay per enquiry, and increase the total number of enquiries you can get for you budget. Eventually leading to lots more enquiries.

The bidding can be set on many different variables. For example if it turns out people searching on mobiles are twice as likely to call then we bid twice as much on mobile devices. If you offer a B2B service then it may be that your prospects are more likely to call after doing a search on a desktop device.

with enough data we can set a schedule to adjust the bidding based on every hour of the day and day of the week so it matches the likelihood of people calling at that time. All my examples of data that is collected (in paragraph 2) have corresponding options in adwords to bid more / less competitively. Like returning visitors, keywords, device….

At the moment I use Ruler Analytics for my clients. They are based in Liverpool. Their system also give you the option to record calls if you wish so you can go back and check on the calls that came from your campaign and see if you missed any calls.

We are based on Wirral, near Chester and Liverpool. With clients throughout the UK.