9 ways to improve your PPC campaign in 2020

Everyone wants to know how to make their PPC campaigns the best they can be, so we have rounded up nine top strategies that you can apply to your campaigns this year.

  1. Consider a campaign restructure

Sounds drastic, but following an audit of your account by a PPC professional, revising your campaign structure is likely to be up there as one of the first steps to take. A poor campaign structure can mean you aren’t using all the automation capabilities available to you to optimise your campaigns.

  1. Use Google Analytics data to focus your remarketing campaigns

Remarketing to every person that visits your website is a complete waste of PPC spend – and won’t provide you with the results you are looking for. By targeting only those people who visit particular pages on your site, with content that is related to their search, you will maximise the chances of those prospects converting.

  1. Calculate your target CPA and ROAS

Before you can begin to optimise campaigns to a specific CPA or ROAS using automation, you need to have these goals worked out correctly. To come up with the figures you should analyse the different marketing campaigns that take a buyer from the pre-awareness stage to a conversion, work out what the lifetime value is per customer, and look at your margins.

  1. Test your Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

Run one RSA per ad group but try using keywords and audiences that are not your core focus.

  1. Use Audience segment: Life Events

If someone has recently had a change in their life, then you should be using this to your advantage in your direct response campaigns. In Google Ads you can run promotions for certain life events, including college graduation, marriage and moving house.

  1. Use Audience segment: In Market

The In-Market Segment in Google Analytics shows you the breakdown of site visits for people that are actively interested in a particular product or service, for example, those looking for a new house or home décor inspiration.

  1. Use Audience segment: Demographics & Affinity

Targeting the right audience for your business is vital in PPC campaigns, and Google Analytics allows you to target people who are most likely to click on your ads, based on demographics and affinity.

  1. Try Smart Bidding Strategies

Once you have figured out your target CPA and ROAS, let the system do the hard work whilst you focus on strategy.

  1. Consider Microsoft Ads

Boasting some features that Google doesn’t have, Microsoft Ads is showing to be increasingly effective than it once was, so give it a shot.

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