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The Basics of On-Page SEO – part 3

Device Optimisation The recent breakthroughs in the development of smartphones and tablets have made them an increasingly popular platform for viewing content on the internet and it can no longer be ignored that audiences viewing from their mobile devices contributes a major part in website traffic. It is now a…

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The Basics of On-Page SEO – part 2

HTML Title Tags The title tag of the webpage is one of the most important elements for Search Engine Optimization. The title tag acts like a signboard for Search Engine Crawlers like Googlebot to identify and determine the title and theme of the webpage. The title tag is based on…

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The Basics of On-Page SEO – part 1

On-page Search Engine Optimisation is an important aspect in getting the webpage ranked in the Google Search Results. On-Page SEO should be a priority because the elements are within the website and the factors can be controlled by the website owner or web developer. On-page optimisation has several factors including…

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