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More Business Through Your WebsiteDo You Want To Generate More Business Through Your Website?

I can generate more business for you through your website. I can do it in a way that is cost effective and doesn’t take up much of your time.

Businesses often make the mistake of investing a good amount of time, money and effort in to making their website but then don’t do anything to market it. Potential clients often use the internet as a modern day version of the Phone Book.

A good analogy here would be to say that you are paying someone to design a great advert for the phone book, but then you don’t actually pay to put it in there!

Your site may come up for your company name which is fine but the majority of the time if someone wants a plumber for example, then they would search using the word “Plumber” probably followed by where about they live. Is your site within the “plumber’s section” for your area, i.e. on the first page?

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