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My name is Mike Hayden and I am an internet marketing consultant based on Wirral. I have nearly 10 years experience within internet marketing. I am a Google Partner. This means I have passed Partner Exams set by Google, my campaigns have been reviewed by Google and passed their quality standards and that I manage a large enough amount of client Adwords spend to achieve partner status.

I offer SEO services, Google Adwords services, and Facebook Advertising. Past and present clients I have helped with their campaigns generate over 1 million pounds a year in income between them as a result of work I have done for them.

I have a lot of experience working for service based companies (as opposed to companies that sell a physical product). Including many solicitors, accountants and various types of consultants.

If you are interested in internet marketing I can offer you a free initial consultation. Prior to this consultation I will conduct research in to your market or review your current internet marketing efforts. This allows me to advise you upfront on what opportunities are available and what your likely return on investment will be. The correct research at the start you can get a much better return on investment.

Some agencies let their clients choose whichever keywords they want to rank high in Google for. This is worrying, it should be a guided process. Your agency should be advising you:

  • which keywords are popular
  • help you understand the intent behind those keywords
  • analyse the amount of competition there is on the first page of Google for each keyword

There is no point in being first for a keyword no one searches for or investing in SEO if your budget is not enough to get you on the first page. I am upfront in telling you if this is the case.

Contact me now to discuss your needs.

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