If Adverts In Magazines Behaved Like Google Adwords Campaigns – Part 2

So that’s the 6 differences. All of the above combine to make a very powerful advertising platform that allows you to pay a fair price to advertise to people actively seeking your services, with the ability to describe your service in a way that matches what the person is looking for, in order to increase the chances of them signing up.

To explain how this is possible in a live campaign I have gone over the points again below:

1 & 2) Your Google ad only shows up when someone is on Google spending time searching for what you offer. Sticking with the plumber example people don’t normally spend time on Google typing in “Plumber Liverpool” if they aren’t looking for one.
3 & 4) The system works on a cost per click basis so you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and visits your website. The cost you pay is based on what your competitors are willing to pay multiplied by the performance of your campaign (this is a slightly simplified explanation). So if you can’t afford to pay £10 in marketing for someone to buy a £3 birthday card chances are your competitors can’t either.
5 & 6) Most searches are what is known as long tail searches where the searches specifies a bit more information on what they are looking for like “gas safe plumber Liverpool”. A well optimised campaign should have lots of landing pages so site visitors can be sent to the one that matches what they are looking for. In this example there would be more emphasis than usual on the fact that the plumber is gas safe e.g. it may be at the top of the page instead of at the bottom.

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