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The Importance of Keywords in SEO – Part 3

Keywords and Your Content Keywords can define your content but it should not necessarily dictate the direction of your content and subject. Just conjuring up any keyword and stuffing it on your web page can have more negative effects as Google highly discourages keyword stuffing. There are some fundamental rules…

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The Importance of Keywords in SEO – Part 2

Keywords and Your Target Audience – continued So how do the Keyword and its search volume and difficulty allow you to target your customers? The metrics can help you determine the trends of searches and queries and it can also allow you to create specific content that is targeted to…

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The Importance of Keywords in SEO – Part 1

Every time you talk about Search Engine Optimisation the term “keywords” is always present in the conversation. It is an important aspect of SEO and many SEO Specialist and SEO Managers still debate on exactly how important exactly are the keywords are and how they affect driving traffic and improve…

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