PPC Agency Liverpool

PPC Agency Liverpool Measured Marketing is a PPC Agency in Liverpool With over 10 years PPC experience. They can help you dramatically improve your return on investment in PPC. Past and present PPC clients that we have helped generate over ¬£1 million a year between them as a result of…

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PPC Consultant Wirral

I am a PPC Consultant with over 10 years experience. My area of expertise is in helping companies offering a service as opposed to those selling a physical product. For instance law firms, accountants, plumbers, dentists‚Ķ Anyone that receives most of their enquiries by telephone as opposed to receiving orders…

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How Good Is Your Google Adwords Campaign?

You may be running Google Adwords yourself or have an Agency running it for you. What you get back from Adwords varies a lot depending on the quality of your campaign. A great campaign can literally get 10x more work for the same cost as a bad campaign. Adwords performs…

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