A dummy’s guide to PPC acronyms

In the world of PPC – meaning pay-per-click – digital marketers love to use shortened words and acronyms. This can lead to misunderstandings between agencies and businesses, and can even cause communication problems between the most savvy of digital marketing experts. This article aims to teach you the meanings of…

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9 ways to improve your PPC campaign in 2020

Everyone wants to know how to make their PPC campaigns the best they can be, so we have rounded up nine top strategies that you can apply to your campaigns this year. Consider a campaign restructure Sounds drastic, but following an audit of your account by a PPC professional, revising…

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5 questions you should be asking your PPC agency

Before choosing whether or not to outsource your PPC advertising, it’s important to find the PPC agency or PPC professional that is right for your business. Have they worked in your industry before? Are they experienced PPC professionals? This article takes a look at the five most important questions you…

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