Use first party data to boost PPC performance

Marketers can produce a better return from their PPC investments by incorporating first party data across campaigns. Using information gathered from analytics platforms, subscriptions, sales data, incoming call data and resource downloads, PPC marketers can make more informed decisions when it comes to campaigns. These decisions can, in turn, generate…

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The importance of a negative audience in PPC campaigns

Targeting the right audience in PPC is more important now than ever before. There are endless ways to dissect the perfect audience for your brand on ad platforms, which also allow you to identify the types of people you don’t want to reach – called negative audiences. Identifying negative audiences…

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The differences between B2B and B2C PPC advertising

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it’s important to get PPC advertising for both types of audience right. Below, we discuss the similarities and differences when it comes to connecting with your potential buyers. PPC campaigns for B2B Targeting and timing In order to generate business leads, B2B advertisers…

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