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Internet Marketing started becoming more complicated about 15 years ago when people realised that they could implement strategies that could help them get more visitors from search engines. Search Engines responded to this by becoming more complicated and less transparent so they were harder to manipulate.

As a full time internet marketing expert I can dedicate time to keeping on top of the latest strategies and changes that affect my clients. Someone who is not a specialist, such as your web designer would not automatically be as up to date. For example, at the time of writing, they may not know if you operate within an industry that has been affected by Google’s “Vince Update” or what difference Google’s “Caffeine Update” will make to the amount of competition your site will have.

It is also note worthy that I offer a full internet marketing service. Some companies will specialise in one area such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Link Building or Paid Advertising and that is what they will offer you. What they are offering may not offer the best return on investment for your company.

For example, SEO and Link Building should always be coordinated together if you are going to ensure you get a return on your investment (See the page on Higher Natural Rankings for more information). A company that offers you just one of these services without any regard as to what is happening with the other cannot have your best interests at heart.

Some companies that “guarantee” number one spot within paid advertising on search engines. The number one spot is not guaranteed to be the most profitable when you consider the cost of getting there. Especially if they have allowed you (the client) to chose which keywords your site should be number one for instead of performing proper research into demand and competition.

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